GoSafe G79B: 6D reality

GoSafe presents a new model in their OBDII product line. Compared to GoSafe G777 new device is special for its 6D accelerometer and gyroscope that can be used for precise acceleration measurements required for car incident investigations.

This built-in hardware element may guarantee a reliable work of device for insurance telematics. Some GPS platforms use advanced accelerometers for accident reconstruction. However, a car owner may get real facts about a vehicle crash and show some arguments for insurers and the police.

The device accelerometer has a 10-seconds-long data storage (+5 and -5 seconds from every moment) providing all telemetrical data live through GPS and LBS networks.

GoSafe G79B also saves their OBDII advantages securing the vehicle health for a customer.

If you use GoSafe GPS trackers, you may connect them to Navixy GPS tracking platform. The platform supports all major models and provides maximum of trackers functionality.

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