Employee Spotlight: Meet Phil!

Meet Phillip Icsman! Phil is an Account Executive for Navixy. He is also a film buff, drummer, doting dog dad, and more. In this post, he shares some great advice for younger professionals looking to try something out of their comfort zone. Get to know what inspires him, what his typical day at work looks like, and why he chose SquareGPS.

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Where do you work and what do you do?

I am an Account Executive at Navixy — a software product of SquareGPS. I am responsible for inbound and outbound sales in the United States and several other regions. I serve as the first point of contact to discuss needs with potential partners and demonstrate the features of our GPS tracking platform.

What does your typical workday look like? How would you describe your role?

A typical workday for me consists of phone calls and meetings with potential customers, as well as working with some existing partners to help grow their business. Some days have internal meetings to improve processes and discuss updates, and some days have time devoted to research for outbound sales.

What made you apply to SquareGPS/Navixy?

What initially drew me to apply to this job was the opportunity to work remotely for a global software company and grow as a sales executive. Now that I have been with the company for a year, a contributing factor to my continued satisfaction as a team member is the attention that SquareGPS gives its employees and the collaboration of our global team.

What do you love about your job? 

It is satisfying to help businesses and entrepreneurs achieve their goals. It’s a great feeling to close a mutually beneficial deal and to know that Navixy can help improve their solutions, help save on costs, and expand business opportunities.

Any particular methods you use to stay productive and successful in your role? 

I find it particularly helpful to schedule everything on my calendar. Calls and meetings are all scheduled, of course — but even if it is a simple task of going through a chunk of emails, or setting aside an amount of time to meet with other members of the sales team for questions and brainstorming. Waking up on time and getting into a routine is also beneficial — this includes a routine of small breaks throughout the day to get away from the desk, stretch your legs, give your eyes a break from the screen, etc.

What do you love outside of work?

I studied film in college, so I really like to watch classic movies and stay up to date on new releases. I enjoy a wide variety of music. Genres like extreme metal, hip-hop, classical, post-rock, and more — which I play along to on my electronic drum set in the home office. I enjoy going to the gym to exercise after the work day, too.

What are some things you have enjoyed learning or your favorite accomplishments? 

At one point, I realized I did not know much about stocks, so I took it upon myself to read up on stock market history and investing. I enjoyed learning how financial markets work from John Bogle, Burton Malkiel, and others. 

As cliche as it sounds — one of my favorite accomplishments was taking the leap to start my position here. I did not have any experience in telematics before this, but I had a great team train me, push me to excel, and continually learn. 

What advice do you have for inspiring sales professionals? Sales professionals entering a tech industry? 

Some advice that I would give to other sales professionals is to remain open-minded — open to learning new things and adopting new practices. It is important to stay flexible to ensure the success of your customers and your team. Another key note is to always ask questions and genuinely listen.

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