Employee Spotlight: Meet Valeria Villegas!

Meet Valeria, a SquareGPS employee, and Navixy Content and Marketing Manager for Latin America! Valeria is a joy to have on every team she is a part of. A hard worker, proud dog mom, K-Pop lover, and hybrid employee, Valeria brings her marketing and technical data application expertise to each Zoom and in-person meeting with a smile.

She recently celebrated her one-year anniversary with the company, so we figured, what better time than now to celebrate her and highlight the important role she plays on our marketing team? Read on to hear highlight questions about what it's like to work in Mexico City on our global teams and to get to know the person behind our marketing campaigns, social media, written website content, and much more.

How would you describe your role?

As a Content and Marketing Manager for LATAM I’m in charge of giving a voice to the company, from Sales teams, Product teams, to HR and even our partners! I support them to plan and execute strategies that can help them to reach their goals through different channels like our blog, social media, and more.

Where do you work and what do you do?

I live in Mexico City and I work in a hybrid model. I go twice a week to our physical office in La Condesa, a nice and busy neighborhood. But as I work with a remote team located in the U.S and Europe, staying home the rest of the week makes sense too, and I keep my work-life balance in check!

What do you love about your job?

I love multitasking and having several projects at the same time, it keeps me motivated. So working in SquareGPS and Navixy is a real representation of that. Also, I love that I learn a lot about tech, I’m a bit nerd for innovation and new technologies haha.

What advice do you have for inspiring marketers?

Think user first. Marketers tend to think only in their selves, for example, you could say “I think this copy is pretty good”, but always ask first “does your final user/ audience thinks is pretty good too?”. You are not creating strategies for yourself or the company you work for, in the end, it is always about the user.

Tell us about your company in 3 words?

Team - Diversity - Challenge

What do you love outside of work?

Basically K-pop! I dedicate like 80% of my free time to listening to music, watching/attending concerts, watching movies/series or reading-related content, rearranging my merchandise collection, or interacting with other k-pop fans. I started in the pandemic and now it’s an important part of my life that makes me really happy.

You recently celebrated your 1 year anniversary! What are some things you have enjoyed learning or your favorite accomplishments?

I feel so fortunate to have experienced firsthand Navixy’s growth in LATAM.  When I first started the team was not that big and we had many operational and strategic challenges, also we were all working from home due to quarantine. Things are really different (and big!) now. We have our own office, I collaborate with +15 people daily, and we are even attending an expo. I feel proud.

Keep up the great work, Valeria!

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