5 operational modes you should be aware of in Suntech GPS devices

Backed up by a solid experience in telemetry, Suntech engineers produce a wide range of devices, including state-of-the-art models for IoT LPWAN networks. However, those in greatest demand, of course, are Suntech vehicle tracking devices operating with 2G, 3G, and LTE networks. And in this post, we are going to take a closer look at one of their unique features — operational modes.

In a number of your projects, the availability of operating modes in Suntech devices may be a decisive factor in opting for this particular manufacturer. For instance, this feature surely will come in handy when tracking trailer trucks, in leasing projects with an anti-theft requirement, as well as in taxi or carsharing industries.

It is worth noting that the operational modes feature is available not only for an exclusive Suntech trackers line, but can also be found in more budget-friendly models, for example, those marked as LC (low cost) equipment. To find out if the device model you are interested in is compatible with this feature, we recommend contacting your sales executive at Suntech, or searching for the "Configurable report format and customized report" indicator in a device's spec on the company’s website page:

Настройка режимов в GPS трекерах Suntech

The phrase "Various reports based on driving mode and condition" reflects the ability to configure a tracking device so that its GPS positioning and telemetry data is sent as often and as detailed as required. There are five modes of operation available:

  1. Driving — when the ignition is on
  2. Parking — when the ignition is off
  3. Idle — when standing still
  4. Speeding — when driving at high speed
  5. Towing — when moving with the engine off

For each of the above-mentioned modes, the initial settings can be configured individually and independently. This can be done during the first setup of the device at the stage of its installation, or any time later — by sending remote commands via our AirConsole tool. Besides, with Navixy, it's possible to perform this configuration in our intuitive UI — please let us know if you're interested in having this feature.

This flexibility allows addressing industry-specific challenges in a more efficient manner. For example, when tracking refrigerated trailers, you can leverage the energy-saving reporting on temperature and location while the trailer is standing unattached. Also, in projects involving rental cars, this mode allows detecting speeding of the unit.

And now we'd love to hear your opinion. Have you already tried Suntech devices? Please share your experience in the comments below. Let us know why you have chosen the particular models for your projects, and what models you would like to have integrated on Navixy in the near future.

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