Release notes

August 2023

15+ Suntech and Boson GPS trackers were integrated with the Navixy platform in August. Learn about the key features of the new devices.…

July 2023

Virtual sensors keep on expanding — this time to Alerts and a big how-to API profile. Also, a tutorial on BLE tags and 2 new GPS devices were added in July. Learn more now.…

June 2023

Virtual sensor data is now available in Reports! Also, added new API calls to get the telemetry readings easier and faster. 12 new devices of Jimi IoT and Meitrack have joined the platform....

May 2023

A brand new Customer Portal is live now. See all features it has to offer as a centralized instances management point and start building your telematics solutions. Also, 7 new Teltonika Tele...

April 2023

Updated Navixy backend to provide closer support for BLE beacons, making it easier to build custom solutions through API calls. Also, continued to integrate new devices: a total of 1458 GPS...

March 2023

March brought brand new virtual sensors to the platform. Try the device-agnostic feature along with upgraded fuel monitoring and new regional demo accounts. 4 new Teltonika GPS trackers were...

February 2023

This February we made some great improvements to our Developer hub, creating detailed descriptions and more custom options when it comes to geofences and reports. Plus, we welcomed new Quecl...

January 2023

More possibilities for large fleets, including faster events sorting and mass deteleing of objects. Remote ignition configured for Queclink. …

December 2022

Have you already tried the new and advanced import mechanism with a background loading feature? It’s already on together with API calls for enhanced security, GPS devices re-registering and...

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Video Telematics NEW
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