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October 2023

Web version

  • Introduced multi-conditional alerts for complex telematics event monitoring. The update applies to the three rule types: fuel level change, parameter in range, and state field value. Read more about the update and use cases in our blog.
  • Added social security number and driver’s license issue date fields to Drivers. This data might be required for compliance and local regulations.

Mobile applications

  • Adapted X-GPS Tracker for iOS 17 and streamlined task list filtering. Updated the translations for Danish and Macedonian languages.
  • Added support for Android 14 in X-GPS Tracker.

Developer hub

  • Added a new zone/read call to get information about a specific geofence easier and faster using its ID.
  • Optimized data retrieval by API calls zone/read and zone/list using the with_points parameter. It allows to get data about all route and polygon geofences together with points on the map in one request.
  • Added new parameters to the employee/driver API call to automatically import information about driver's license issue date and social security number from third-party systems.
  • Automated bulk import of new employees and vehicles lists from third-party systems and files using API. Added an API call to check import status to reduce the load during a bulk operation.

New devices integrated

Added 5 GPS trackers by Teltonika Telematics:

A total of 1530 devices supported.

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