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June 2023

Web version

  • Extended virtual sensors data beyond widgets to the following reports:
    - Equipment working time
    - Vehicle sensors
    - Measuring sensors

All virtual sensor settings, cases, and video, are available in the Navixy blog.

Developer hub

  • Added the raw_data parameter to the API call tracker/sensor/data/read. This parameter will allow product teams to get uncalibrated historical data of sensor readings for calibration improvements and troubleshooting on the equipment side.
  • Added a description of the API call for all user events. The compilation of available methods will help to efficiently use the call and receive notifications from all devices of the user account per a certain period.
  • Described all types of parameters for creating rules. Grouping rules by types and conditions will allow developers to streamline working with API and get the necessary data for a particular rule faster.
  • Added an API call to retrieve all telemetry and meter data in a single request across multiple devices — tracker/readings/batch_list. This will help simplify the work of applications that use the Navixy API. For example, to create custom dashboards that track the current status of device sensors.

New devices integrated

A total of 1482 devices supported.

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