Release notes

October 2021

Introduced a nautical measurement system and added more improvements to Tracking and reports. Amplified Developers hub with backend API key and new how-to articles. Continued with GPS tracke...

September 2021

Introduced new alerts and made Tracking even more informative. Improved usability and API and integrated new GPS trackers. A total of 1288 devices are supported.…

August 2021

Added an Employee ID column for Reports on all events. Extended API features and continued with devices integration: a total of 1282 devices are supported.…

July 2021

Added idling time count by the end of the Excessive idling event. Introduced the option of a VPN channel between the server and IoT devices on request. Integrated new devices — a total of 12...

June 2021

Added more opportunities for the web version, including date and time format setup, 29 new currencies and fractional values in measurement sensors. Extended sub-users rights to enable privat...

May 2021

Updated new Tracking and added more features for sensors and buttons widget. Introduced geofences and POI importing for Check-in on X-GPS Tracker. Brought more clarity and structure to API c...

April 2021

Integrated new devices and advanced hardware features. Added Forms to Check-in for iOS users and welcomed more regional requirements to the web version. A total of 1230 devices is supported....

March 2021

Added a Point report and updated route optimization to include up to 25 addresses at once. The admin panel now features subaccounts, while deleting admin users became more errorproof. Integr...

February 2021

Big release of new GPS Tracking allowing to monitor thousands of objects on a single map. Fresh design and amplified user experience. Developer hub is updated with a new call on meters and s...

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Video Telematics NEW
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