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July 2023

Web version

Added support for virtual sensors in Alerts. Users can receive notifications based on virtual sensors readings when the following rules are triggered:

  • State field value. This alert allows users to monitor the status of objects (doors, handbrake and airbag) and DTC codes. The rule works with any computation method.
  • Parameter in range. The alert allows users to control temperature, humidity and other parameters. Virtual sensor "Source value" is required.

Developer hub

  • Created a tutorial on how to read data from BLE tags and link them to trip details. The article describes stationary assets tracking using trailers as an example and lists other cases where it may be in demand.
  • Described how to work with virtual sensors through API: what types of sensors are available at Navixy and how they can be used. Also added information about reports and notifications based on virtual sensors data.

New devices integrated

A total of 1490 devices are supported.

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