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August 2023

New devices integrated

Integrated several series of GPS devices and individual GPS trackers from manufacturers Suntech and Boson.

Suntech 3G

  • ST3310, ST3310U  — affordable GPS trackers with a 3-axis accelerometer for traffic pattern analysis and accident detection.
  • ST3330A, ST3330AE — GPS trackers with a high-capacity battery. Combined with IP67 water resistance, these devices make a perfect solution for water transportation.
  • ST3300RP, ST3300RE, ST3300V — GPS trackers with eco-driving support. ST3300RE modification has universal discrete inputs that can be used as analog inputs.

Suntech LTE 4G

  • ST4305R, ST4305RE — CAT M1 / NB-IoT GPS tracker. ST4305RE modification supports external antennas for amplified tracking accuracy.
  • ST4335A, ST4335AE — universal CAT M1 / NB2 GPS trackers with IP67 certification.
  • ST4290— portable CAT M1 / NB2-IoT tracker with low battery consumption.
  • ST4955 — GPS asset tracker with a solar panel.
  • ST4505DO — OBD tracker with a built-in 3-axis accelerometer for driver behavior analysis.
  • ST4915 — CAT M1 / NB2-IoT tracker with an extremely high-capacity 57,000 mAh battery. Jamming and crash detection.

Boson LTE

  • Phoenix GPS tracker has 4 discrete inputs and 5 digital outputs for connection of auxiliary equipment. Paired with fuel sensors, it forms a complete fuel management solution.

A total of 1506 devices supported.

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