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December 2023

Web version

  • Improved the functionality and redesigned the Users and Roles section. Some of the main changes include:
    - ability to restrict access to elements: objects, geofences,
    - access to the «Courier on the map» and web locator plugins,
    - automatic creation of a role for a user by default,
    - new features for mass operations: activation/deactivation, role change and assignment,
    - new parameters for grouping the list of users.
  • Increased the number of points from 100 to 500 to create more accurate boundaries of arbitrary geofences.
  • Added recommendations on the quality of filling fuel level sensor calibration tables in the fuel consumption report. These recommendations will help with understanding if additional customization is needed to improve the quality of fuel consumption calculations.
  • Implemented a mechanism to export raw device data for the last 30 days in CSV format. Such data can be used for analytics, equipment diagnostics, and troubleshooting. Read more about the new feature in our blog.

Developer hub

  • Added description of methods for resampling raw fuel data.
  • Added a section with Data Warehouse API calls to retrieve raw data from devices for further processing and analysis. The section contains the following information:
    - API call to retrieve all available parameters for the device.
    - API call to unload raw data for selected parameters.
    - Description of using date, time, and timezone formats when requesting raw data.
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