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May 2023

Customer Portal

Introduced a brand new platform for centralized instance management — the Customer Portal. It allows users to create and manage their Navixy instances from a single location, providing a unified interface for account creation, instance deployment, and access to admin panels.

The Customer Portal was created with the following user benefits in mind:

  • Convenient onboarding experience
  • Streamlined instance management
  • Interactive diagrams with growth and price dynamics
  • Detailed information about each instance, including its features and billing data
  • Unified access to Navixy ecosystem

Learn all the benefits in our blog and create your own Customer portal account.

New devices integrated

Added 7 new devices by Teltonika Telematics designed for basic and professional GPS tracking. The FMM800, FMC800 and FMM80A are versatile GPS trackers for large and small fleets, supporting driver behavior monitoring and OBDII data reading. The FMB910 offers extended use scenarios thanks to BLE wireless connectivity. Learn more about the newly integrated GPS hardware:

The other models are upgraded versions of the popular devices:

  • FMM650 — updated version of the FMM640 with a more powerful processor and high-capacity internal memory
  • FMB930 — modification of the flagship model FMB920 with 2 outputs
  • TAT140 — LTE version of the TAT100 with CAT 1 support

A total of 1467 devices supported.

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