Status: New feature to manage the mobile workforce activity

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Timofey Temlyakov

If the X-GPS Tracker app allows you to control the field workers then the new function “Status” makes it possible to check their busy conditions.

More than a GPS-tracking

X-GPS Tracker App allows the supervisor to monitor the reliable employees location. Previously, it was really difficult to know how busy the mobile workers were and if they could get another task. A manager had to use chat or call an employee directly.

It is easier now. An employee can independently choose the status from the managers’ list.

Navixy new function Status allows to identify the emloyees' activity

The manager gives the status any name in the list and adds colour. It can be something simple like “Occupied”/ ‘’Available’’/ ’’Dinner’’ or more delicate: ‘’On my way”, “Inspecting the wiring” or “Fixing the pipeline”. As the supervisor you can add any number of status lists and assign it to the relevant departments.

Status lists functionality

Click on “Devices and Settings” to open the portlet where you can manage the status lists. More likely you will find the default settings: “Occupied”, “Free” and “Dinner” statuses but you can edit it or add the new ones.

Navixy allows to give the status any name for proper activity identification

After entering the name of the status, you can choose its colour or change the status order just dragging it with the mouse. Furthermore, you can assign the privacy settings, who can change the statuses: an employee, manager only or both.

If you manage statuses from your smartphone, both supervisor and employee can operate with them. If you use tracking device only supervisor can manage statuses through the web interface.

Browsing statuses online

When a supervisor assign the status to the employee, its widget appears at the bottom of the screen. You can also see who has assigned the status and when it was happened.

Browse the employee's status on the map online

Statuses Reports

Special status reports provide you with the data about how long an employee has been stayed in the same status. Click on the Business section and then open the Reports.


Status function is already available on all the business tariffs. Use “Statuses” on your Android smartphones and it will be available soon on iOS.

Necessarily, we will explore the status function more thoroughly and take care of your needs. If you have some comments and suggestions, we will be glad to take them into account.


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