“I want my brand to protect my business” – that’s the reason #1 startups search for white label solution instead of co-branding. They are right: with marketing your own brand you keep your customer base secured and can focus better on your core competences.

We at Navixy completely share the opinion that making business is not about the reinventing the wheel, but bringing the right product to the market where it is demanded today – as fast as possible and without making mistakes others already mastered.

White label GPS tracking: How To

Our customers don’t worry about their users find out the origins of their GPS tracking service, because it’s fully branded, deeply customised, and nothing points to Navixy. Furthermore, it’s in the heart of our business model – be the partner of yours, providing professional tools only, and not communicating with your end users. Here is how it’s achieved.


  • Domain name. Offering your customers a direct URL to login, bound to your domain, you can keep all your traffic. It is common to use second level domain (such as company.com) for promo website, while the third-level domain (e.g. my.company.com) is used for login to service. You can easily set up any domain name right in your Admin Panel. Secured SSL connection can be also supported.
  • Logo and identity. Your logo is an eye-catching symbol that your consumers retain in their mind. Place your logo on the login page and add an attractive background. A lot of our customers also want to have their brand shown inside the system – we hear that and expect this feature to appear quite soon. Changing all images in Admin panel is as simple as replacing an avatar in social profiles.
  • Signatures. When your users receive emails or SMS, they see your brand name in ‘from’ field, as well as your contact details in the footer. In the bottom of login page you can add links to your company’s website, some legal information or, for example, how to contact your support team. All these items are easily configured in Admin Panel as well.

Product customisation

  • GPS tracking devices. Navixy closely supports hundreds of devices from manufacturers across the world. The list continues to grow: you can ask for support for a new devices, if it’s not listed yet. Furthermore, if you want to limit your customers to see particular models in the list only, or request mandatory activation code, it’s always possible.
  • Plans editor. By providing correct product packages and flexible pricing you can enhance how much you sell. Navixy allows you to implement any pricing strategy through Plans editor. You can manage all aspects of pricing plans, including currencies, billing cycles, available options, tariffs for pay-as-you-go services and many more.
  • Maps and resources. Navixy offers all the possibilities to meet country specific requirements for maps and related data sources, such as geocoding, directions, traffic and other. You can use services provided by third parties and in-house server applications.
  • Integrations. Integrations are the common way to add new functionality to GPS tracking platform, regardless who requires it: your users or you. For example, you can add various telecom services (such as SMS center or private APN), databases for accurate Cell ID location, or offer payment methods popular on your local market. All of this can be done with Navixy API, plugins or data forwarding to third-party applications.

In short, as a true white label GPS tracking solution, Navixy helps you to utilise your business’s unique branding. It provides you with the ready-to-use technology, that simplifies your way to market, saves time and money. Result: by promoting professional and customisable services under your brand, you keep the business safe and under complete control.