Custom reports with Navixy API — case study

Our partners understand customers' needs better than anyone. Being leaders in a particular segment, their clients require flexible and advanced solutions. Thus, each day our partners come across the following challenges: how to create solutions that would easily adapt to all the nuances of a particular industry and exceed the highest expectations.

When addressing these requests, our partner Navitel Peru, a company, which provides GPS tracking and telematics solutions to enterprises in South America, has proved that with a bit of creativity and a powerful API tool there’s nothing impossible.

Demanding customers bring great opportunities

Our partner Navitel Peru took up a great challenge proposed by some of its most demanding customers and turned it into a handy solution. There had been several requests to provide detailed custom reports with quantitative and qualitative variables, as well as second-by-second speed and location data, multiple geofences, and a variety of other information coming from hundreds and thousands of GPS trackers.

Custom reports with Navixy API — case study
View of the map showing multiple geofences of Navitel Peru

These customer requests were the results not of caprice but rather the necessity to comply with the current legislation in Peru. As the legislation states, every company that owns a fleet involved in road transportation and distribution must send their vehicles’ GPS location feeds and speed data to the monitoring and management center of SUTRAN.

For partners, whose customers' needs go beyond a standard solution, Navixy offers a customization tool, API.

API as a key to business success

Our partner chose Navixy API as a means for creating an adaptable solution. By applying this tool, the partner managed to meet the current customers' needs, as well as created a useful and scalable reporting solution in the following three key fields:

Summary Report

This handy report was designed to allow evaluating the productivity of drivers. The best thing about this report is that you can view the results in percentages or through hours worked, downtime, and kilometers traveled. Another advantage is that it can retrieve information from an unlimited number of GPS trackers.

Custom reports with Navixy API — case study
View of the summary report by Navitel Peru

Multiple geofences

With the aid of this second report, our partner’s customers solved their specific needs related to working with various geofences. It proved to be a highly useful tool since it allowed them to gain ultimate control over their units on the map: find out if their drivers had entered the allocated working zones, how long they had stayed within a particular geofence, and differentiate overlapping geofences. As with the first report, it can be connected to an unlimited number of GPS trackers.

Custom reports with Navixy API — case study
View of the geofences report by Navitel Peru

Custom report on detailed events (second by second)

This report was created for our partner's customers who required second by second details of speed, vehicle status (stationary or moving), total mileage, and more. This report proved its effectiveness after two units had been stolen from the customers. Since insurance agencies required detailed data to verify what had happened, using this report helped to solve the problem in no time.

Custom reports with Navixy API — case study
View of the detailed report by Navitel Peru

Our partner found that the solution they built for these customers could be perfectly applied in other industries as well. The created custom reports can be used by customers to carry out in-depth analyses and meet the requirements of insurance companies. They will be handy in the mining industry when monitoring cargo trucks on the map, and, of course, will be of great help in the supply chain.

With the power of Navixy API, it’s possible to establish customer success in any industrial, commercial, and transportation segment. Learn more about the Navixy API or our partners’ solutions by heading to Developer Hub. Should you have any questions regarding this case, our API, or other solutions, reach us at [email protected], and we’ll gladly answer all your questions.

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