Blog Release notes

April 2021

Web version

  • Added new currency — Tanzanian shilling, TZS.
  • Updated waybills for users and partners in Russia in accordance with regulation no. 368 by the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation.

Mobile applications

  • Added Forms to Check-in in X-GPS Tracker for iOS users.

Integration improvements

  • Enabled driver behavior settings for YA TUT Е series.
  • Added BLE relay control for TopFlyTech TLW1 series.
  • Upgraded GPS tracking settings for Starline M17.
  • Added Tacho: Mileage and Tacho: Speed parameters for Teltonika FM63XY, FMX630, FMX640.
  • Added support of BLE relay and BLE humidity and temperature sensors for TopFlyTech T8806+ and T8806+R.
  • Enabled axle load readings from Loadman LM300 for Teltonika FMC640.

New devices integrated

  • Laipac StarFinder Lite
  • Atrack AT1
  • Micron Wireless Prime ATV CATM
  • GlobalmatiX xTCU
  • Omnicomm Optim 3.0
  • iStartek VT005

A total of 1230 devices supported.

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