Blog Release notes

May 2021

Web version

  • Updated Sensors and buttons widget so that settings can be copied for the GPS trackers of the same model.
  • Added importing of geofences and POI to the new Tracking.
  • Added the opportunity to color tracks based on online/offline status in the new Tracking.

Mobile applications

  • Updated Check-in to show employee’s geofences and POI.

Admin panel

  • Added the opportunity to import users.
  • Updated Trackers to show the last connection to the server in UTC+0 format.

Developer hub

Major improvements:

  • Added article on How to get information from sensors and counters. The article also provides a step-by-step guide to create sensors and counters.
  • Updated Input_name with all the supported inputs.
  • Added the description for batch copy, a new operation on the platform.
  • Updated Tracker object for Panel API to include the data on the tracker model and when it was last connected.
  • Added description for Stay in places report.
  • Altered responses for tracker/get_states call.
  • Upgraded the max size of the form list from 500 to 5000.
  • Added Back to the top button in the bottom right corner.
  • Improved document search to show the phrase from the beginning of the paragraph. It will also show how many times the sought phrase is found in the document.
  • Improved readability with paragraph separators.

Section updates:

  • Updated all descriptions to bring more clarity for each API call purpose.

New devices integrated

  • Topin G30

A total of 1241 devices supported.

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