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March 2021

Web version

  • Added Point report to provide information on the points transmitted during the day.
  • Updated route optimization for tasks. Now the shortest route will be created for up to 24 addresses and one starting point.
  • Improved the plugin for third-party apps. It allows to open them in an iframe or a new tab.
  • Added a new currency: kina of Papua New Guinea.

Admin panel

  • Introduced a possibility to create subaccounts for the admin panel. A request to tech support is required.
  • Updated a help message for deleting an admin panel user to differentiate it from a tracker deleting message. It also requires a login confirmation to eliminate errors.

Developer hub

Added new API guides with examples and detailed parameter descriptions:

Integration improvements

  • Added SOAP 1.2 support for Navixy Web Service
  • Integrated outputs management without temporary blocking for Meitrack devices

New devices integrated

  • Gosafe GAT-1000, GAT-3000, GTU-5000, GTU-300, GTU-100
  • Navtelecom S-2420, S-2421, S-2422, S-2423, S-2425
  • Cellocator CelloTrack Container Lock
  • Teltonika FMM125, FMC125 and FMB003
  • iStartek VT005

A total of 1216 devices supported.

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