X-GPS Monitor: Instant Pairing with Your GPS Tracking Service

Recently Navixy has introduced another feature anticipated by our partners - customization of X-GPS Monitor app. This feature allows to link the app to your GPS tracking service through QR codes, an innovative yet recognized tool.

Let’s see how QR codes pair the app to your GPS tracking software in one easy move and enable customers to sign in and run a unique customized product.

Instant redirect to your software

Initially QR codes were designed to enable fast authorization in your GPS tracking service from a mobile device. To find the app in the App Store or Google Play in a matter of seconds, simply hold the device over the QR code – and it’s done.

We have prelocated the QR code on your desktop login page. However you can place it elsewhere: on your product website, on the box with your bundled solution or you can print it out and pin it to the office wall – wherever you and your customers can benefit most.

Once X-GPS Monitor is downloaded to a smartphone, a customer can use a built-in QR code reader. It automatically identifies your service domain, and the app is instantly set up to your GPS tracking software. Now the client can try a customized demo, sign up to the app and proceed with devices activation.

The procedure will be equally simple even if the GPS tracking system is deployed on your own servers or in a cloud – URL of the API server will be synced automatically, no need to enter it manually.

Streamlined client onboarding

QR code has been adapted first and foremost to register new users. After the code has been scanned, the app will be set up to the required tracking software automatically. The new account is in, and the app is ready for use.

Another huge benefit is the customized demo. Allow your customers to see the app interface the way you made it: in correct language and location. Apart from geodata, it will display the company’s field of expertise. So if your software is focused on medicine and pharmacy, let your demo feature the on-call doctors, ambulances and medical sales reps. It will make the onboarding process so much easier.

Streamlined client onboarding

Customized app branding

In the future QR codes will be used not only to set up the mobile apps, but to brand them as well. Make your mobile app stand out with your logo and company name. And don't forget to show your true colors - true corporate colors. Make your QR-codes the center of attention to help your clients jump-start using them as soon as now.

QR codes allow users to redirect the app to your GPS tracking service and to set it up in one tap, including the login page and the demo. We hope that you and your customers enjoy using this easy and super helpful tool. For any questions and feedback please contact us at [email protected].

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