Telematics Marketplace: distribute your developments worldwide

The continuous expansion of features on our MRM platform unlocks unique opportunities for tailor-made solutions and developments, where the range of options can be so extensive that it could be hard to choose and analyze them one by one. That is why we have developed Marketplace, a distribution channel for both in-house and third parties solutions.

It is a business evolution that allows our partners and 3-rd party developers to generate and close more projects with an expansive approach towards the development of the platform and their services, due to the fact that the market and clients are evolving in terms of commercial processes and tasks.

Tools for development and integration

In order to build, develop and integrate your own industry-specific solutions, add-ons, extensions and more, we have made available our new Developer Hub. With the help of our API and SDK, you can generate and integrate not only telematics and location-based solutions, but also enrich your services with vehicle security, cargo tracking, field management applications, etc.

Marketplace Navixy

Market your solution globally

Having created your tailored applications or solutions, you will be able to offer them to your partners or clients so that they can quickly and seamlessly implement the functionality they really need. You can as well showcase your unique solutions to the Navixy community base, which comprises over 500 partners worldwide, obtaining great benefits for both users and app developers.

BI Dashboard

Among the recent applications created by our partners and listed in our marketplace is BI Dashboard developed by the DRVR company and based on Microsoft Power BI. It's an excellent specialized dashboard that allows you to visualize large sets of fleet data in seconds.

Telematics Marketplace: distribute your developments worldwide

This analytical tool generates an overview of the key performance indicators (KPIs) in 4 specific aspects crucial for effective decision-making and overall efficiency of any fleet, which are:

  • Fuel consumption
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Fuel theft
  • Fleet downtime

From the above aspects, the BI Dashboard summarizes the big data and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to detect problems and identify solutions.

We invite you to explore this and other add-ons available in our Marketplace so that you can take full advantage of all the functionalities available on Navixy. Should you need more information, reach us via an email: [email protected] or leave your comments on our social networks Facebook or Twitter.

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