New features

  • Web version
    • Implemented new tools within the Field Service application:
      • A new “Route Optimization” tool is available when creating a route task. Starting now dispatchers can instantly build the most optimal driving routes for mobile workers to ensure that all the checkpoints will be visited in the shortest time.
      • Traffic jams are now displayed on the map in the task list. This will allow a dispatcher to get a quick overview of the current situation on the road when working with tasks.
    • Improved the Alerts application:
      • It is now possible to select up to 100 geofences for an alert rule. This will help users to save time when setting up alerts on the same types of events.
      • Notification pop-up windows show the name of the geofence in which the event occurred. This way, the dispatcher will get a better understanding of the situation. For example, a truck stopped at a geofence called “Warehouse”, a sales representative submitted a check-in and sent a photo from the “Fabric Shop” geofence, etc.
    • In the Fleet Management application, an employee ID number has been added to the list of imported data. This allows to quickly transfer all the information on a company employees to the telematic platform.
    • When setting up scheduled reports, it is now possible to specify the name for the report to be sent by email. This will help users to quickly find the needed files on their computers.
    • In Devices and settings application, when configuring virtual measuring sensors, it is possible to work with a new group of hardware sensors – BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). This way, users will quickly and automatically configure the reception of data from wireless sensors in the telematic service.
    • The Driver Alcohol detection has been implemented on the telematic platform. If a driver fails the test, the engine will not start. Thanks to this feature, the fleet owner will avoid financial and reputational costs associated with drunk driving.
  • Admin Panel
    • We have added new tools in the Trackers section:
      • Implemented bulk operations on objects list to easily delete clones. The administrator of the telematic service will be able to delete all the unused clones of objects at once.
      • Added a filter in the list of objects. Using filtering, a telematic service administrator can view in the list:
        • objects
        • clones
        • both objects and their clones

This will help, for example, to quickly transfer a group of objects to a new account.

New devices integrated

  • Concox OB22
  • Concox Wetrack2
  • Dräger Interlock® 7000 (alco-lock)
  • Suntech ST4300
  • Suntech ST4330
  • Suntech ST4340
  • Suntech ST4500
  • Teltonika FMU130
  • Virtec Virloc 10

Integration improvement:

  • CalAmp LMU-2600 – Implemented location sending via SMS to the user interface
  • ETrack – Supported the updated protocol
  • Queclink GV300 – Reduced the amount of Internet traffic transmitted between the device and the telematics server when the device SIM card is blocked
  • Teltonika FM3612 – Implemented traffic accident alert
  • Teltonika FM – The device can now receive data on the state of the doors, hood and trunk
  • TrackSystem Locus – Enhanced the order of data exchange between the device and the telematics server

A total of 985 device models supported