New features

  • Web version
    • Now violations can be grouped by drivers in the Fleet Management app → Eco driving section. This will allow fleet owners to quickly and easily analyse driving behavior of employees who have driven several vehicles for the selected period.
    • Forms downloaded in Excel from the platform now contain photo captures. Thus, a supervisor will be able to view and manage photos captured by a mobile employee during customer visits without the need to log in to the telematics platform.
    • Translated web applications into Armenian. Now, the platform is available in 27 languages, spoken by more than half of the world’s population.

New devices integrated

  • Benway ET300
  • EMIoTS EM101-Lite
  • EMIoTS EM201-Pro
  • Galileosky OBD-II
  • Radar Duo
  • Radar Trio
  • Virtec Virloc 10

974 device models supported in total