New team players: Coban, Teltonika, GoTop, BCE

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For the last couple of weeks we have successfully integrated a range of GPS tracking devices as well as added some extra functions to the already integrated ones.

Coban squad

Coban is a Chinese brand well known for its budget GPS devices. It has quite a rich range of models, and we were able to integrate all of it:

  • Coban GPS306 is an OBDII GPS tracking device able to read data from vehicle’s self-diagnostics system: DTC, odometer, dashboard speed, ignition status, ect. Unfortunately, this low-price device is unable to read telemetry data.
  • Coban GPS303 is a vehicle GPS tracker with no external antennas. It’s being manufactured in three different modifications: B, F, and G. Modification B is a simple tracker that can be powered to the vehicle system and control ignition. Modification F has numerous inputs and outputs, including analog input as well. Modification G is equipped with the remote controller to arm and disarm vehicle alarm.
  • Coban GPS103 is a budget vehicle tracker with external antennas. This device has four modifications: A, B, A+, B+. Versions A and B are slightly different. The last one has an alarm remote controller. Modifications with “+” symbol can support two SIM cards and has analog inputs and outputs.
  • Coban GPS105 has two modifications: A (no alarm remote controller) and B (with alarm remote controller). Comparing to GPS102A/B this model has more options for connecting additional devices such as digital camera, RFID, etc.
  • Coban GPS104 is a tracking device with high battery capacity and magnet mounting. It can work either autonomously or can be connected to the vehicles power supply network. It has internal antennas. However, can be also equipped with the optional external antennas as well as support some additional sensors.
  • Coban GPS304 is a motorcycle tracking device. Its housing can be made in different colours. Has two modifications as well: A and B. The only difference between two modifications is that GPS304B is equipped with the alarm remote controller.
  • Coban GPS305 is a tracking device designed specifically for bycicles.
  • Coban GPS102 and GPS103 are personal GPS tracking devices popular for its low price. Manufacturing of GPS103 is currently suspended. However, you can still find it in stores.

Teltonika enrollment

We have also recently added up several additional devices to this Lithuanian squad:

  • Teltonika FM1010 is a vehicle OBDII GPS tracking device able to communicate only ignition status information, but not on-board diagnostics data.
  • Teltonika FM1125 is a vehicle tracker that in comparison to FM1120 supports serial digital interface, thus enabling connection of additional devices, e.g. CAN adapter.

Other newcomers

The list of other vehicle trackers recently added to Navixy also includes the new version of Arnavi v4, South Korean Suntech ST215, four FM models from BCE (Baltic Car Equipment), and GoTop VT360/VT380. Tachograph Shtrikh has been empowered with the extra function for reading data from digital fuel sensors.

The team of personal trackers has been joined by Huabao HB-T10.

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