New Analytic and Reports application

New template “Driving quality : Exceeding speed” has been added today into the newest report application. By adding this template we have exceeded the “old reports” application, and switched it off eventually.

The advantages of new reports applications are huge:

  • More reports, conveniently grouped by themes
  • Wider information, also looks nicer in tables and diagrams
  • New comparison charts and tables for groups of objects
  • Reports generate faster than ever
  • Building reports in the background allows to request very large reports without interruption your work with the web interface
  • Last N reports are stored in the system and available in the web-interface without new generating (parameter N is configurable)
  • Multi-language support
Besides, since new reports application is written on Java (unlike PHP for the old ones):
  • System performance increased significantly (or less requirements to the server hardware)
  • Standalone installation can be done much easier – for Corporate version, since there is no more PHP code at all in the software package, and no need to install PHP-related environment
  • Mathematical algorithms and calculations were improved, bugs found in previous versions were fixed

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