Navixy Tracker app for iOS: version 2.3

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New version of our popular tracking app has been released and available to download in the App Store. In version 2.3 you’ll find major improvements concerning background mode, WiFi/GSM location and power consumption.

What’s new:

  • Background mode now supported in all latest iOS versions (7.x and 8.x). You don’t need to keep the app on screen. You can hide it and work normally with other apps, while being tracked with Navixy Tracker.
  • New «Economy» mode allows to consume much less power. Actually you hardly notice the difference in battery consumption of your smartphone or tablet if you use that mode. Unlike «Precise» mode (also available in Settings) it uses not GPS only, but also GSM and Wi-Fi based location. Yes, you get tracks which are a bit less accurate, but they are still very good for the most of everyday applications, including employees tracking and kids safety. And you can enable auto switching to Precise mode when the device is connected to power source, e.g. car adapter.
  • Simpler design and settings will make your customers happy.

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