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June 2022

Web version

  • Released a new On-premise version with a monthly billing plan. It allows you to deploy Navixy on your own servers and process data locally to comply with regional/corporate standards without large investments. Spend smart using recurring payments and scale up as your business grows. The fee includes tech support and regular updates. Get a quote now and learn more with Navixy On-premise technical guides.
  • Updated trip reports with fuel consumption column. This parameter allows your customers to instantly assess what vehicles show the highest or most alarming fuel consumption.
  • Added new icons for special machinery — bulldozer and excavator. Provide mixed fleets in agriculture, construction, and civil engineering with even better asset visualization.

Integration improvements

  • Supported all video events for JC400, including a whole list of DMS events. Another popular use case is anti-theft and cargo safety: getting video footage upon opening a cargo compartment door. Check the manual’s “Video on input triggering” for fast and easy configuration.
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