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Navixy On-Premise

Host the tracking platform on your own hardware. Get a complete application control.

Navixy On-Premise is something that companies with strict in-house policies will appreciate.
Provide your branded commercial SaaS services with Provider Edition. Become a reseller to offer Enterprise Edition to corporate clients.


Starting from:
$ 3000

For service providing

White label branding

Commercial toolkit


Starting from:
$ 2000

For internal use only

Flexible licensing

Limited user management

One-time fee
In-depth integration and customization
Reseller partnership – earn with Navixy
The first installation on your server hardware is included. We can do it ourselves remotely or will provide your admins with all sufficient technical documentation and assistance. The software runs on Linux or Windows environment.

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Running over 25000 active devices? Contact us for high volume pricing.


Is it a one-time fee?

Absolutely. You get the license which allows you to add a certain number of users and active devices. You can also upgrade your license anytime, as your business grows.

What is an “active” device?

To make your costs as little as possible, we offer a concurrent licensing model. You don’t have to pay for devices that are not used or temporarily blocked. Only device that sending data to server is considered as “active”.

Can I use Enterprise Edition to provide services?

No, you should use Provider Edition instead. In Provider Edition there is no strict limitations for the amount of users and devices. It also has appropriate tools for billing and accounting, managing users and providing technical support.

Will you admin our servers?

We do the first installation (or help you do it yourself) and provide further support to your admins. However, we do not admin your servers: you should have own staff for that or choose ServerMate / Cloud product instead.

Is it open sourced?

No, we do not offer a source code. However, you can use our rich API to access any data and processes from external software. It is also available to order customization and integration from us.

How do I update the software?

We offer new software builds regularly. You can update your existing version anytime, and it is not that expensive.


USA: +1 858 225 46 88

Mexico: +52 558 526 11 25

UK: +44 203 807 64 62

Russia: +7 495 128 35 56

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