Jimi IoT event configuration

Jimi IoT devices may provide you with DMS and other events. Use the state field values alert to get notifications about them. Choose state field event_code to determine alerts.

Pick one of corresponding codes from the next table as expected values.

List of codes

14External battery low
71Fatigue driving
80Door closed
81Door opened
83Fuel stolen
105File uploading
112SD card mount
115Fuel data timeout
118Temperature data timeout
134SD card can't be recognized
135Over speed
136Power removal
138Oil or electronics connected
139Oil or electronics disconnected
144Harsh acceleration
145Harsh braking
146Harsh turning
164SD card capacity is not enough
165RFID reading
166Seat belt plugged
167Seat belt unplugged
140DMS – Eye closed
143DMS - Distraction
148DMS - Missing face
151DMS - Phone calling
154DMS - Smoking
160DMS - Yawn
161DMS - Monitoring shelter
162DMS – Calibration fail
163DMS - Driver looks down
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