Two last months became very stirring for the newest Navixy device integrations. More than 10 new models of GPS devices can work on the platform by now along with 200+ other devices.

JIMI / Concox

These two popular Chinese brands make their product line wider with a new personal GPS tracker Ji09 (or GK309)

Concox GK309

Concox GK309 (JIMI Ji09)

The is tracker looks very fancy and may work for business and private people tracking. It works in continuous mode only, thus it uses GPS and LBS positioning as well as A-GPS feature. Within a usable SOS button, the tracker may be a good kind of equipment for mobile staff and family members’ control.


This brand is very famous in some regional markets. Navixy decided to get our own experience of work with the products.

Cellocator CR300

Cellocator CR300

Often people need a maximum of options using their GPS devices. This one is rich with a number of inputs and outputs including the 1-wire interface for driver identification. We can advise to use Cellocator Programmer for configuration of the tracker. CR300 is a good vehicle GPS unit for advanced fleet management.

3G Electronics

This company produces different types of GPS units.

3G Electronics G36

These GPS watches may be an amazing solution for kid tracking. The device looks fancy and works well due to GPS, LBS positioning, and A-GPS feature. It has the emergency call feature (2 preset numbers) and take-off alarm.


Ruptela is a worthy adversary of extremely popular Teltonika not only in Lithuania. These devices are expended in different world markets due to the price and quality.

Ruptela FM Plug 4 (FM Plug 4+)

Ruptela FM Plug 4  (FM Plug 4+)

This OBDII tracker is a nice plug-and-play device designed especially for comprehensive fleet management. The tracker is made for harsh driving control, reading all onboard data and transmit it to a GPS platform. Navixy provides a vivid interface for that option that is very easy to use. FM Plug 4+ have OBDII error code reading as an extra feature.

Ruptela OBDII


E-track is a Chinese manufacturer of business-class devices for GPS tracking. Navixy integrated three models that have a very similar protocol. Now all 3 models are supported by the platform.

E-track TLT-2F

E-track TLT-2F (TLT-2FS or TLT-2H)

This GPS unit is perfectly fit for a personal car and motorbike tracking. This device is very simple to use because the customer doesn’t get any advanced options. The tracker works only in continuous time tracking mode.


This Taiwanese brand of GPS trackers is very popular on a market. Navixy follows a trend and requests of our partners and has integrated 2 devices.

Arknav R9

Arknav R9 (R9 Pro)

A solid case and a number of inputs and outputs (up to 13), that is Arknav R9. This device may work in different tracking modes by time, distance or angle change. It has built-in memory and an internal battery to be extremely reliable in accident reconstruction.

Arknav RX8

RX8 is equipped with a number of different interfaces including 1-wire and immobilizer. The tracker works well for vehicles and different machinery. It has the rich fleet management and insurance telematic features.

You may see the list of all supported devices on our special page.