How MDVR saves money through fleet efficiency

Did you know that MDVR can help make fleets more efficient? In fact, when utilized correctly, this technology has been shown to reduce costs on fuel, maintenance, and other expenditures, so it’s clear there’s a lot to gain. To clarify what’s at stake for business owners and managers, we’re here to explain how some of the unique features and functions of MDVR make it easier to avoid costly driver errors, damaged cargo, and potential litigation.

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How does MDVR save money?

Business owners know that finding ways to save money is paramount. This only becomes more important when factoring for economic conditions, competitors, supply chain disruptions, and other aspects that are difficult or impossible to control. Fortunately, installing an MDVR system in a fleet can make it easier to find out where money could be saved.

First, MDVR provides evidence in the event of collision. This not only makes filing an insurance claim easier, but it also helps prevent a lengthy litigation process after an accident. And if you’re a victim of insurance fraud, you’ll be able to prove what transpired. As a result, businesses can expect to pay less in legal fees, settlements, and damages, or even avoid them entirely.

In addition to mitigating legal troubles, MDVR also makes it easier to coach drivers. The way drivers act and behave plays a vital role in determining how much companies have to invest in vehicle repairs and maintenance, insurance premiums, and fuel.

Harsh driving, excessive idling, and speeding can all lead to increased expenses, so MDVR allows fleet managers to know when and where these events are taking place. In turn, businesses can address these deficiencies with training, ultimately making their fleet safer and less costly to maintain. Moreover, if the unit senses one of the aforementioned scenarios, it can automatically transmit video for a faster response from the manager.

We shouldn't forget to mention that having MDVR installed often deters criminal activity. If a potential thief knows that their actions are being recorded, they’re much less likely to attempt a crime. Furthermore, the anti-tampering measures offered by MDVR means that even if someone tries to remove or disable the unit, the fleet manager will know right away. Along with giving drivers some peace of mind, this can prevent constantly replacing stolen cargo or fixing damaged assets.

“The most important I think is evidence for exoneration, also now AI is a tendency that really can prevent some risks during driving and the videoclip can serve as a training source.” - Ricardo Wei, Streamax

How does MDVR improve fleet efficiency?

Even if saving money is a top priority, fleet efficiency shouldn’t be overlooked. In fact, these concepts often go hand-in-hand. Below, we describe some of the opportunities available to companies to streamline business operations and remove potential roadblocks.

For example, data is continuously collected and transmitted to the fleet manager for review. Using this information, they can determine if their drivers are spending too much time idling, which wastes both company time and fuel. By correcting this behavior, companies can expect fewer stops to fill up the tank which may lead to more timely deliveries and greater customer satisfaction.

Speaking of punctuality, safer drivers are typically more reliable and can be trusted to complete their deliveries in a secure fashion, taking out much of the guesswork during scheduling. Thanks to this, dispatchers and managers can minimize vehicle downtime, since trucks, vans, cars, and buses need fewer repairs and maintenance when they’re driven less harshly. As a result, it’s possible to keep more of the fleet on the roads at any given time and minimize delivery delays.

Drivers will also appreciate what MDVR brings to the table and will be more likely to stay with your company for the long term. After all, recruiting, hiring, and training new employees requires a significant investment of time and money, which could be better spent in other areas. Therefore, you’ll have an easier time building an experienced, dedicated team. In fact, a recent Gallup poll found a 25% decrease in driver turnover and a 70% decrease in safety incidents with more experienced, engaged employees.

Success stories

Countless businesses have already used MDVR to improve their operations, so let’s explore a few examples of the real-life benefits of this technology.

Recently, Streamax was tasked with helping improve the efficiency of the Turkish taxi market. To help improve ride quality, the company equipped 18,000 vehicles with their Taxi Fleet Management and Surveillance Solution to facilitate dispatching, optimize routes, and prevent drivers from taking unnecessary detours. Thanks to this, passengers reported an improvement in service quality, while management costs decreased overall.

In response to the recent global pandemic, vaccine distribution has become even more vital in the logistics industry. Since this precious cargo is highly temperature sensitive, on-time deliveries are paramount. Thankfully, Howen’s Hero-MA80-08 has been up for the challenge.

Along with its massive storage capacity, this device works with temperature sensors so managers know as soon as an abnormality is detected. Given how expensive spoiled cargo is, fleet managers could save their companies significantly by implementing an MDVR solution, as suggested by the graph below.

MDVR can help with temperature-sensitive cargo
Shefali Kapadia / Supply Chain Dive, analysis by IATA - from Howen

Are you ready to enhance your fleet’s efficiency and save money over time? If so, reach out to a Navixy product specialist to learn more about MDVR, video telematics, and the other benefits of our mobile resource management platform.

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