Сombating of spam is a worldwide issue, but it must not affect your users. And it won’t, as long you’re with Navixy. To make sure all messages from GPS tracking platform are delivered to user mailboxes, Navixy improves the deliverability through the authorisation of sender’s domains.

From the April, 26th, all kind of service messages (event notifications, scheduled reports, billing warnings and other) will be sent from default address ‘[email protected]’, which is absolutely reliable and safe.

Of course, you can change this default address to something yours (like [email protected]) – and it still will be delivered through the high-performance Navixy mailer. Please follow a brief guide stored in our support docs to authorise your domain and configure your custom ‘From’ address.

Besides, from now on all our partners have the possibility to use external SMTP servers. You may set up your own daemon, use public mailing services (gmail, yahoo, etc.) or special transactional services like Mandrill, Sendgrid, Mailgun, etc.

Whatever email gateway you choose, you’ll be protected from any obstacles that refer to anti-spam regulations and remain confident that all messages from your Navixy based service will be delivered to your users.

In case you have any specific questions about using Email gateways with Navixy GPS tracking platform, please send them at [email protected]