Access event video and more with X-GPS Monitor for Android

Not too long ago, the concept of managing an entire team from your phone would have seemed impossible. Now, mobile apps like Navixy’s X-GPS Monitor make it easy to track employees and vehicles from afar so dispersed workforces can remain connected no matter the distance.

We’re pleased to announce that users can now enjoy several new features and updates, including access to event video, for enhanced oversight and peace of mind. Please note: this update is currently only available for the Android version of X-GPS Monitor.

After reading about the changes, feel free to contact us for additional information and availability.

What’s new for X-GPS Monitor?

A mobile resource management platform like Navixy needs occasional updates to remain modern and useful. This also applies to our X-GPS Monitor since this device-agnostic, white-label mobile app ensures that companies have the tools to manage employees in the field. As a result, providing the most up-to-date functionalities is vital.

The most important update we’ve made is adding support for event video, giving businesses easier access to accident footage and more. We’ve also enhanced our UI with new event icons and expanded translation support.

  • Added support for video events
  • Updated event icons
  • Translation update
  • Other improvements and fixes

Event video on your phone

Video alerts play a key role in keeping managers informed. With Navixy, you’ll not only receive a notification when a triggering event occurs, such as a hard turn or crash, but you’ll also be able to view footage of the incident. To see what happened, click on the camera icon. Navixy saves video files for up to 30 days, so remember to download any clips you’ll need for future reference.

For X-GPS Monitor users, video availability means having access to crucial event footage at any time. Instead of being out of the loop, managers can check on their employees’ safety from anywhere when they receive a harsh driving, crash, or SOS alert. This means it’s possible to stay informed and respond to problems faster wherever you can take your cell phone.

X-GPS Monitor event video alerts
View event video with X-GPS Monitor for Android

For additional details about our video telematics module, be sure to visit our dedicated product page or read our recent blog posts about its various functions and use cases.

Additional updates: new icons and languages

Along with adding support for event video, we've also updated X-GPS Monitor for Android with several other changes, including new icons and translation options.

Icons are much more than just simple pictures. They express the meaning of a certain notification or warning in a clear manner and make finding the right alert easier. Despite these changes, individuals who frequently use X-GPS Monitor shouldn’t have any difficulty understanding the message.

Below, you can see which icons have been changed.

X-GPS Monitor updated event icons

Do you manage multinational teams? If so, you’ll appreciate that X-GPS Monitor now supports over 20 languages to better meet the needs of our global partners. Our user guide includes instructions for adding a new language in case yours isn’t currently available.

Fully experience the updated X-GPS Monitor app by logging into your account today. The app is available for Android devices through Google Play. You can also call us to hear about the 1,400+ devices we’ve already integrated with our platform.

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