December 2017

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Features released

  • Web-applications
    • You can now choose the needed data source for the engine hour meter. Engine operating time can now be controlled both by an ignition sensor or the CAN-bus data.
    • New template is available for all email-notifications. We’ve added a lot more helpful info to the notifications, including the exact location on a map where the event took place.
  • Mobile apps
    • The “X-GPS Monitor” new release will help to increase mobile employees productivity and optimize fleet efficiency. New features added:
      • Widget showing OBD2 & CAN diagnostic data — out-of-office employees can control the key parameters of each vehicle in a company.
      • You can now shift from the “Today’s tasks” widget to the chosen object task list. Thus, a supervisor will be able to quickly edit a task list of the selected employee.
      • Real-time object monitoring. The map adjusts automatically to the selected object’s movements for the users not to lose the track. This way, you’ll get the most accurate location info.
      • Indonesian, Polish, Thai and Georgian languages included. We support 16 languages spoken by more than 3 billion people.
      • LBS-circle transparency is reduced for points that are more accurately defined — now the most accurate LBS locations contrast with the background of the others.
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Devices integrated

  • Arusnavi Arnavi Integral-2
  • BITREK 520
  • BITREK 520R
  • Calamp LMU-2030
  • Concox GT230
  • Jin Sheng JS 810
  • Jin Sheng JS 810S
  • Noran NR008
  • Noran NR024
  • Systems & Technology Intellitrac X1
  • Systems & Technology Intellitrac X1 plus
  • Technoton DUT-E GSM
  • Topshine OGT100

Integration improvements:

  • BITREK — in addition to the official BITREK protocol, the 520, 868 models were supplemented with the Wialon IPS protocol and the 910, 920 models got CAN-bus data reading support. Remote configuration of trackers is now available.
  • COBAN 303F/G — got crash detection support and ignition notifications in the alarm mode.
  • Hua Sheng HS3000 — DTC-codes now displayed.

668 device models are supported in total


USA: +1 858 815 9045

Mexico: +52 334 1642158

UK: +44 808 1641499

Germany: +49 1573 5988250

Russia: +7 495 223 0427

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