Features released

  • Web-applications
    • While working with the Forms, the users can now receive photos, videos, files and clients’ signatures. Office workers will get a complete picture of a task completion process as well as promptly process results received from their mobile employees. For ex., it can be reports about a meeting with a client.
    • The redesigned main menu allows to easily switch to the desired module or application.This way, you’ll get to the needed information within a few clicks.
    • The list of notifications now shows a panoramic view of the location where the selected event was detected. Thus, a supervisor will easily get a 360 degrees location view of the place of the incident.
  • Mobile apps
    • The updated “X-GPS Tracker” makes it possible to exchange more diverse data between mobile employees and office workers in real time. New features added:
      • Ability to attach photos, videos, files and clients’ signatures to forms and send them to a monitoring service.
      • Thai language now supported.
  • Docs

Devices integrated

  • ATrack AY5
  • cGuard Beacon
  • cGuard Litom
  • cGuard Zenit
  • LKGPS LK209B
  • LKGPS LK210
  • Navitrec 310 Cicada
  • Navitrec 520
  • Navitrec 520 (Wialon IPS)
  • Navitrec 810/820
  • Navitrec 820 OBD
  • Navitrec 868
  • Navitrec 868 (Wialon IPS)
  • Navitrec 910/920
  • Queclink GV608
  • Queclink GV628W
  • Queclink GV648W
  • Spetrotec i-Watcher

Integration improvements:

  • EGTS – control commands now supported.
  • Suntech ST 300, ST340 – driver ID is now available

684 device models are supported in total.