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November 2017


  • Updates of events:
    • Fuel level significant change is now recorded. Information about refuelings and tank draining will be immediately send to the people concerned.
    • Engine excessive Idling rule is now supported by all car trackers.This way, companies can monitor how well its vehicles are used.
  • We’ve added a regional mileage report. With its help you can easily track the distance traveled in each region or country. For example, it is used by transnational carriers for making fuel tax calculations.
  • You can now choose the needed data source for the odometer. Mileage can now be controlled both by GPS and CAN bus data.
  • A new Street View widget appeared in the Tracking section (available when using Premium GIS or Google key). It shows 360° views of the selected object location. The views are updated when moving.
  • A car trip ticket of the standard form No. 3 (accepted in Russia and some countries of Eastern Europe) can now be formed over a period of more than 24 hours. The improvement was carried out at our customers’ requests, so now you can easily prepare initial reports for fuel cost tax deduction.
  • In the Fleet section you are allowed to group a list of maintenance tasks. This way, it’s possible to view planned tasks for diesel engines vehicles.

Admin panel

  • For Cloud and On-Premise licenses we’ve added info on the number of devices available for connection. Thus, the monitoring service administrator will be able to increase their limit on time.
  • Geocoders and route providers are combined into GIS packages. All licenses types owners will find it much convenient to choose the appropriate option for using GIS.

Integration improvements

  • ATRack — you can now choose the ignition source
  • Teltonika — enlarged CAN data sheet for the series FM11YX, FMA1YX, FMB1YX
  • Teltonika FMB120 — enlarged registered events list

Devices integrated

  • Atlanta O-300
  • BOX Tracker
  • BOX Tracker 2
  • Kingneed T101
  • Lantrix T1800
  • Suntech st340lc
  • Systems and Technology U1plus
  • Teltonika FMA202
  • Teltonika FMB630

636 device models are supported in total.

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