Cargo security and monitoring: smart GPS tracking solutions

Working with expensive cargo, it is very important to ensure its safety during transportation to the destination. GPS tracking system is a reliable and highly effective tool that allows you to track the process of cargo transportation. It is important that the monitoring system works well and smoothly with physical devices. In this article, we will talk about how the monitoring system interacts with GPS trackers to ensure maximum security.

Cargo monitoring

The choice of a device depends on the size of the cargo and how it is transported.

Small load

Loads that can be carried in bags or boxes. In such cases, you can use small trackers with an internal battery. The pre-configured beacon should be placed in the transported object.

Digital Matter Oyster GPS tracker
Digital Matter Oyster
GPS tracker Queclink GL50B
Queclink GL50B

Devices can be set to interval or continuous tracking mode. In the first case the device will send data packets periodically, it will save battery charge, so the tracker will work longer. In the second case the device will transmit data quite frequently, therefore tracks will be more accurate, but the battery will drain faster. This method will be more preferable for short-distance transportations.

Containers and trailers

More massive cargos, and usually more valuable, are transported in containers and truck trailers. Small asset trackers cannot provide convenient monitoring, because it is difficult for such trackers to receive a GPS/GSM signal through the solid metal body of the container. In addition, small-sized devices have low-capacity batteries. Unfortunately, they are not enough for long trips.

GPS tracker Meitrack T355
Mietrak T355: magnet waterproof GPS-tracker with high-capacity battery

In this case you can use trackers with locks or magnet trackers. Usually, such devices have a more capacious battery and provide a higher level of security.

GPS trackers for remote cargo security

As we mentioned earlier, magnetic trackers and devices with locks provide higher security. Below we will describe each type in more detail and how it can be used.

Magnet GPS tracker

Some devices can be magnetically attached to a metal surface. This allows you to place the GPS tracker anywhere on the container or truck trailer. In addition to the mentioned function, the devices can send an alert if someone tried to detach the device from the object or when there was an attempt to jam the GSM signal.

Magnet GPS tracker Suntech ST4940
Suntech GPS tracker with detach/ signal jamming alerts

All that you need is to register and configure the magnet tracker, then set the corresponding alert.


There is also a separate type of GPS trackers that performs two functions at once: location tracking and locking. A container or truck trailer can be locked with the GPS lock: if somebody tries to open it, the device will send the alert. Also, there is a possibility to control a lock from the Navixy platform. This feature reveals the full potential of such devices and improves the quality of security, especially if a password is required to lock/unlock the device.

GPS tracker Meitrak K211G
K211G, 2020 market release by Meitrak
Jointech JT701 with password protection
Jointech JT701 with password protection

We hope this article helps you find the most relevant hardware for your cargo and container tracking. Need more devices and options? See the full list of supported devices or contact our tech engineers at [email protected].  You can always share your thoughts on the devices you use in the comment section below.

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