Odometer allows to control a vehicle’s mileage in real-time. The mileage readings can be based on the data received from a GPS tracking device or CAN bus. Odometer function is also a part of “Maintenance tasks” which allows you to schedule service works for a vehicle, whereupon the system sends you a reminder at the right time.

Odometer activation

  1. Open “Devices and Settings”, choose the needed object and proceed to the Odometer portlet.
  2. Click on Add odometer button.
  3. Change a data source if needed.
  4. Set the initial value.
  5. Press Save.

The users are allowed to set a correction factor to automatically adjust Odometer readings upward or downward.

It’s also possible to set a new odometer value any time you want. You can view the previous odometer values by generating the “Report on all events” in the Reports app.

For a quick search, you can add up and configure Odometer widget in the widget bar.

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