Social Distancing Solution: Navixy + Teltonika

The world economy is awakening from the lockdown — slowly but steady. Small and medium-sized businesses, shops and restaurants are opening and travel restrictions are beginning to lift as more people go on a well-deserved vacation.

With this in mind, businesses across the globe are rushing to implement new safety regimes at workplaces to protect their employees and customers, so they can reboot activity.

Nonetheless, such safety measures as — sneeze guards, cubicles, hand sanitizers, face masks, outdoor meetings — have done little to quell employees' anxiety over getting back to the office amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Workers are reluctant to go back to the office. Employers struggle to make workplaces Covid-secure. And the biggest challenges today are:

  • How to keep on with face-to-face meetings with clients and colleagues;
  • How to avoid congregating at lunch breaks, etc.
  • How to detect all interactions made with the infected person.

We've got you covered!

To help businesses reduce anxiety at workplaces and return to the pre-pandemic rates sooner, we’ve teamed up with Teltonika, a leading European manufacturer of satellite monitoring equipment, and added a “Social Distancing Monitoring” solution to our platform.

The solution is formed of two parts: Navixy software + Teltonika hardware (GH5200 or TMT250)

The GH5200 and TMT250 are personal devices, which obtain positioning via GSM, GPRS, GPS, and Bluetooth. The first can be worn around the neck as a badge that holds an ID card and will vibrate whenever someone else wearing the device breaches social distancing. Learn more about GH5200.

Social Distancing Solution: Navixy + Teltonika
Social Distancing Solution: Navixy + Teltonika

The hardware together with a powerful telematics software will allow companies to track how their employees interact with one another and whether they respect social distance in the workplace.

The users can remotely configure the device and set up basic parameters — via intuitive portlets. Like the length of time that should elapse before an alert is sent to the server (in seconds), and what the safe distance would be.

Social Distancing Solution: Navixy + Teltonika

Once the configuration is over, the user creates a corresponding alert rule to start receiving notifications.

It's also possible to opt for Emergency Notification option to react even faster to the most urgent situations and easily distinguish them from others.

Social Distancing Solution: Navixy + Teltonika
Stay updated on any interactions via SMS, e-mail, or push-notifications.

In case of any violation in the social distancing, the device’s alarm system will keep on beeping until the employees return to a safe distance from each other. The supervisor will stay in the loop of any dangerous interactions by getting notifications on the web-version or mobile app.

Social Distancing Solution: Navixy + Teltonika

And what about analytics? Businesses may be able to use the data to demonstrate they are complying with social distancing regulations — and there’s a perfectly suitable report for this. They can analyze data for contact tracing to see how long each employee spent in proximity to others.

Social Distancing Solution: Navixy + Teltonika

What are the benefits?

  • The new solution will surely give more employees the green light to return to their workplaces feeling safe and focused on the main duties.
  • Can be used as a tool to refine discipline among those who regularly break the distance rules.
  • In case of someone’s illness, it is possible to trace back all the contacts. Thus, only colleagues who were in contact with the infected person go into quarantine, while the others will keep on working.
  • The solution is ideal for controlling the maximum occupancy and supervising access at entrances in sectors such as transport (airport, rail), corporate buildings (common areas), retail (both stores and shopping centers), public buildings (areas of procedures), hospitals, leisure (museums, cinemas, theaters, events), etc.

What do you think about the new solution? Share your ideas in the comments below.

If you have any questions or suggestions, write to us at: [email protected]

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