• Developer Hub
    • Major improvements:
      • Completely revamped the Tracking section.
    • Section updates:
      • Revised 54 articles on Tracking.
      • Added a new “How to work with Crowdin” article. In this article, you will learn how to add new languages ​​to the platform or improve the existing translations.
      • Implemented a new API call. When getting a response, the developers will receive details on the necessary devices only. This will reduce the time spent searching for information.

New devices integrated

  • Startrack, retranslation protocol
  • ILSP, retranslation protocol
  • Meitrack K211G
  • Mictrack MT821 and MT825

Integration improvements:

  • Concox GT100 — integrated “Vibration sensor” and “Unauthorized movement” alerts.
  • Teltonika FM63XY, FMB630 & FMB640 trackers — implemented support for Iridium satellite terminal TSM232.

A total of 1136 devices supported