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August 2020

Mobile applications

  • Updated X-GPS Tracker for Android. Added the ability to attach a mobile form when using the “Check-in on the map” function. This will allow field workers to quickly complete an unscheduled assignment by filling out and attaching the appropriate form to the check-in. As a result, the supervisor will receive important data and a report on the work done in a convenient format.

Admin Panel

Added tips for a quick start with the platform:

  • User creation
  • Activation of devices
  • Switching to Tracking

Integration improvements

  • BCE FMS500 Light+: supported a “Car alarm” rule.
  • Suntech ST600, ST4300, ST3300: added the ability to customize dangerous driving.
  • Queclink GV55: implemented the “Car crash” rule.
  • Galileosky, all models with RS232: added CAN_B1 tag read. The tag shows the cumulative fuel consumption.

New devices integrated

  • Meitrack T633L
  • Suntech ST3300
  • GLONASSsoft UMKa 301 and 310
  • Eelink TK121
  • LKGPS LK209A/B/C, a new version with a detached sensor
  • Queclink GV50 and GV50+
  • Queclink GV55w

A total of 1127 devices supported.

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