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October 2020

Mobile applications

  • Released a new version of X-GPS Monitor application for Android. Updated localization for the following languages: Albanian, Bulgarian, Portuguese, Persian, Hebrew. There is a total of 30 languages supported in the application.

Developer Hub

Major improvements:

  • Added a new article on all 30 plug-ins for reports. This will allow developers to simplify the process of creating reports using API calls.
  • Added an article on how to work with reports and retrieve important information from them. This will help our partners to get a better understanding of the reports as well as collect the necessary data for creating third-party applications.
  • Implemented new activities in the Panel API section: how to connect to AirConsole and what data can be retrieved from it. Based on this information, it’s possible to build a custom platform or transfer data to other partner projects (by means of retranslation).

Section updates:

Integration improvements

  •  Teltonika FMB, FMT, FMU, FMC, MTB — added the ability to read data from the BLUE COIN/PUCK MAG and BLUE COIN/PUCK/SLIM ID devices.
  •  Recurso Confiable relay protocol — implemented the ability to read AssetID, ShipmentID, UserID, and Username fields.

A total of 1136 devices supported.

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