Features released

  • Web version:
    • Added a new system of measurement to the platform: Metric + Gallons. This combination of units of measurement is widely used in some European countries.
    • Expanded the list of APNs, which allow the user to autocomplete GPRS settings when activating GPS trackers on the platform. Starting now, it will become easier for users to manually register new devices from their accounts.
    • Improved the algorithm of determining addresses in reports on sensors. Now the readings coming from the sensors (fuel, ignition, etc.) will be tied to the corresponding addresses. This means, the locations in reports will be determined even under poor GPS signal reception conditions during data recording (for ex., when at a gas station, or inside a parking lot)

Integrated devices

  • BCE FMS500 Tacho
  • Concox Q2
  • Queclink GL50
  • Queclink GL50B
  • Shenzen Cantrack G900
  • Navtelecom SMART S-2430
  • Navtelecom SMART S-2433
  • Navtelecom SMART S-2435

Integration improvements:

  • Arnavi 4+ — added ECO driving control
  • Eelink TK-319 — updated the existing protocol
  • Huasun A20 — added a Fall detection alert
  • Navtelecom — added ECO driving control

950 device models supported.