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July 2019

Web version

  • Assign tags to objects. This will allow supervisors and heads of the department to easily group employees and vehicles, for ex., according to the field of work, skills, or technical details.
  • Count objects within a geofence. When displaying a geofence on the map (in the Tracking app), it is possible to get information on the total number of objects that are currently located within the virtual perimeter. For example, you can estimate the number of workers at the construction site at the end of the working day.
  • Improved the Fuel Volume report. Now the fleet owner can:
    • receive information on the total volume of fillings and drains throughout the fleet;
    • accurately determine where each filling or drain has occurred;
    • generate the Fuel Volume report with optimal default settings.
  • The Activity Log now records changes made in the lists of geofences, locations, and rules. This will help an account owner to track more actions of each user and determine a person responsible for incorrect operations.

Admin Panel

  • The list of supported currencies has been expanded. Now it contains the monetary units of more than 130 countries.

Integration improvements

  • Digital Matter G100, Oyster2, Remora, Remora2, Dart2, Bolt, Yabby GPS, G62 -  added a new protocol
  • Teltonika FMB - added support for UDP protocol

New devices integrated

  • Queclink GV350M
  • Top Fly TLP1
  • Ya Tut E

964 device models supported in total

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