Features released

  • Web version
    • Implemented two-way chat using Garmin’s automobile navigators within the Tracking application. Starting now, the vehicle owner or the dispatcher can quickly send all the important information to the driver without distracting him/her from driving.
  • Admin panel
    • Integrated a new LocationIQ geocoder for fast and accurate location searches. Today
      5 geocoding services are available on the platform in total. The telematics service owner can easily choose a geocoder with the best address database for their region.

Integrated devices

  • Atlanta C-100
  • Atlanta VTS B100
  • Elderly a20s
  • Iot-Robotix IOTR-AJ-001
  • LKGPS LK720
  • Reachfar rf-V26
  • Shenzhen V26

Integration improvements:

  • BCE — implemented an ECO driving control.
  • Jointech JT701, VG-eLock7A, Lacak ES1 — added hints for creating a valid and strong password meant for opening/closing an electronic padlock.
  • Kingneed, Vjoy — changed the method of calculating the remaining battery level; now voltage data is used for this purpose.
  • Ruptela — added harsh cornering detection when driving aggressively.
  • Teltonika — supported file transmission via a UDP protocol to minimize mobile traffic usage.
  • Teltonika FM36M1 – expanded the list of commands sent upon device activation.

927 device models supported.