• Developer Hub:
    • Major improvements:
      • Radically updated the design of the documentation system.
      • Added the opportunity for third-party developers to make adjustments and supplement information within the sections.
      • Improved navigation with a dual menu. The developer will be able to quickly find the necessary calls and then head over to their contents.
      • It’s now possible to subscribe to Documentation updates (via Github). This will allow developers to always stay on top of any changes in the code.
      • Implemented Google and Yandex metrics: tools for collecting statistics on API calls.
    • Section updates:
      • Introduced a How-to section with answers to frequently asked questions from partners.
      • Added 8 new articles (using Postman, working with hash, getting track points for a certain period, and others). Updated 29 articles.
      • Added new sample queries with a quick copy and paste functionality. Two examples per request: one for the command line, the other for the browser or third-party programs, such as Postman.
      • Starting now, sample answers are described in more detail with the possibility of deserialization.

New devices integrated

  • Xirgo XT2469
  • GoTop TE-200 и TE-207S

Integration improvements:

  • BCE FMS500 Light+: added a new Unauthorized Movement alert rule.

A total of 1111 devices supported.