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February 2021

Web version

Big Release of brand-new GPS Tracking:

  • Introduced a high-load ready GPS Tracking to monitor thousands of objects on a single map—assets, geofences and POI.
  • Upgraded visualization tools and design: lean widgets structure, icons and color setup for each type of asset. Fresh and intuitive UI design.
  • Amplified usability with revamped Map and Track history tools.

Developer hub

Major improvements:

Section updates

Fully updated Panel API sections to provide easier access for developers:

Integration improvements

  • MQTT broker for Xirgo (BCE) FMS500 Light, FMS500 Light+ and FMS500 StCAN

New devices integrated

  • Meitrack P88L
  • Ascend Group MT1C
  • Ascend Group MT1X
  • Auto Leaders ST-906W
  • Teltonika FMP100
  • Queclink GL50B Lite
  • Bitrek BI 868Q TREK

A total of 1198 devices supported.

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