Data forwarding means transferring all data coming from GPS trackers to NAVIXY Server to another server (or servers) in real time. Commonly this data is used in some other specific software applications (i.e. Street traffic monitoring) or corporate IT systems (ERP, Logistics management, CRM, etc).

The data is forwarded immediately, upon its receiving in NAVIXY Server, in on of the supported formats (data transferring protocols). The user can define server address and port, and provide credentials, if required.  Device data can be forwarded to multiple servers simultaniously.

Setup data forwarding

All management for data forwarding is done in user web interface. Enter “Device” application, select the tracker you need and find portlet “Data forwarding”.

Firstly, you need to setup Data forwarder (one or many) by defining remote server credentials. Secondly, you assign particular GPS trackers to the Data forwarder you have created.

Besides web interface, you can use NAVIXY API to define data forwarding settings.