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May 2024

Web version

  • New Design System: we have updated our user interface with a new Design System to improve functionality and ease of use. Key changes include:
    • New left menu: the left menu has been updated with a more modern appearance and is better visually organised. We have restructured the menu sections so that, instead of using a menu accordion for Fleet Management and Field Service, each module now displays its menu sections in tabular form.
    • Updated component styles: we refreshed lists, input fields, switches, and tables for a more consistent look and feel.
    • Revamped forms section: the form builder mechanism was revised to simplify form creation and management.
    • Improved date picker: we visually enhanced the date picker to align with the updated design.

New devices integrated

A set of new devices has been added to the supported list, expanding the Queclink family.

With new additions included, the number of integrated devices has reached 1596 in total.

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