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April 2024

Web Version

  • Geo links: a product designed to simplify the sharing and management of telematics asset locations. This new tool allows for seamless integration with third party platforms, instant sharing options via popular messengers, and customisation options to fit various business needs.
  • Latest updates: this feature is designed to enhance transparency by keeping users informed about the latest platform changes and is available in multiple languages. Located in the Information Centre under 'What's New' in User Interface and enabled by default for all users, ensuring easy access to update histories. To opt-out, disable it in the Admin Panel under 'Account Management' within the 'Service Settings / Service Preferences' section.

Developer hub

  • API methods for Geo links: we have updated our Developer Hub with a description of all API methods for Geo links. These APIs allow you to automate processes with the new Geo links tool and enable your applications or systems to share tracker locations with customers. 

Integrated Devices

The newly supported models include:

With these new additions, the total number of integrated devices supported by Navixy has reached 1585.

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