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Preparing fleets for the 3G sunset

If your fleet hasn’t upgraded from 3G to 4G yet, then time is running out to do so without facing interruptions. By the end of 2022, all major US-based carriers will have shut down their nat...

Navixy tire pressure monitoring and alerts

Did you know that fleets can lose thousands of dollars every year due to improper tire inflation? The U.S. Department of Energy found that underinflated tires lower gas mileage by about 0.2%...

Jimi IoT JC400 success stories

Navixy is here to highlight how the JC400 device from Jimi IoT has assisted various partners across the globe. To learn more about the JC400, Jimi IoT products, and our video streaming capab...

Video Telematics NEW
Video Telematics NEW
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